About Us

During my sessions, I really like to capture a story in pictures… candids are my absolute fav. During my sessions I ALWAYS try to capture the raw, real moments that make each photoshoot unique.

For families, it’s a chance to be fully present with your children, as a family. Document this time; the cuddles, the smell, the sounds and size of your kids before they are grown and off making lives for themselves. It’s so important to not only have pictures OF your children, but WITH your children. I am guilty of this as a Mom as well, but it’s been one of my goals to get in the camera more with my family.

For Seniors, this a a chance to capture a quick moment in time. I really want to document real photos of who you are and what makes you, YOU! I like to have fun during our session, music, fun candid poses that are sure to make you laugh!